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City: 78218 San Antonio, Texas

  • SuperD - Almost perfect tabletI have the transformer prime 32GB gray. I have the iPad and also the Fire. It is better than both of those for sure. It is lightening fast and smooth as silk. The only downside of the tablet is that it has the speaker on the back. The speaker is plenty loud, but I would prefer it to be front facing. I know this isn't the same price point as the Fire, but the Fire was so slow and the touch sensitivity was so far off that it was virtually unusable. I barely pick up the Fire, but use the Prime every single day.
  • Beverly McMurray "Gal in red" - Wonderful for 40+I just visited a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in my area and she says very similar things!!! Our bodies are all different which I find amazing. One person can be lactose intolerant and another allergic to broccoli.
  • Phyllis Dunne - Couldn't do without it!If you ask anyone about how to replace a tooth or teeth, the standard answer is dental implant or bridge. Now I love all those pearly whites shining back at me out of the actor or actresses smile, but they're the only ones that can afford them. I can't spend $5,000+ for one implement that may or may not take or $60,000+ on a full set.

    Temptooth is the perfect answer for me right now and has been a life saver. Eventually I'm going to look into snapsmile which will run about $3,000 for my entire mouth.