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  • mtn.mark - Happy with Quicken 2011Overall I'm satisfied with Quicken 2011. I like the following:

    * I do online banking with several financial institutions. None of them allow you to automatically login with quicken, however, after registering the sites, whenever I login and download my transactions, quicken automatically notices, prompts, then loads the info into quicken (even if quicken isn't currently open). This is really helpful and useful.

    * When transactions are imported online, the transaction merchant names are often cryptic. The merchant rename feature is great. I can edit the transaction to rename the merchant and all future transactions with the same merchant will be automatically renamed as well.

    * The budget tracking is nice. I'm just learning to use it, and it seems intuitive.

    * Really like the very intiutive manual transaction edit screen. Easy to enter repeating transactions and successive check transactions.

    One small improvement:

    * The transaction category manager is workable but has a minor gotcha where you have to keep reselecting the Show item at the top right if you leave then come back to the screen. If you forget and use the mouse scroll wheel trying to scroll through the category list, you'll end up actually scrolling the Show field selected item which causes some of the caregories to not show. The dialog should instead track the mouse location and scroll the category list if the mouse if over it.
  • LOLITA - BEST BINDER EVER FOR THE DISOBEDIENT AVERYOur esteemed presidential candidate has enlightened me so much over the benefits and the usability of the Avery binder that I felt compelled to purchase one for my husbad. I have to admit, I have been a binder outsider for most of our marriage, never making it home to cook dinner and just generally being very disobedient. I confess to even going as far as to try and control my own body without regard to what the politicians think I should be doing. For far too long I have been disregarding all their wishes and dictates, not sure why since they seem to know so much better than I do what I should or shouldn't be doing, of course as a woman I am completely lacking the qualifications that would enable me to make an informed decision.
    And to make matters worse, when my traitorous body decided of its own accord not to shut down a rape, I even went as far as to... oh how can I even say it? But yeah, I did it... with the benefit of the amazing transvaginal ultrasound that my elected official felt was necessary and required in such a case.
    I have also been known to avoid the religious settings and stuff myself with birth-control pills as any other godless, worthless female might do, so I am ready to repent.
    But I digress...
    After purchasing the binder, my husband found several suitable candidates to be added in. One committed to being home in time to cook dinner, another one committed to cooking, another one committed to taking care of the children, another committed to his needs and so on and so forth.
    I feel that our family unity has improved so much and I rather enjoy having all my sister wives tied in a binder with me, I feel we are now keeping with the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and we are well on our way to proving our worth. The celestial marriage should seal us together for all eternity so that we may all become godesses if our HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER will find us worthy to be called into heavens by our secret name. Thank you, thank you, i bow down to you, mighty HE-WHO-HOLDS-THE-BINDER!
    Next steps? Purchasing some "magic underwear" and trying to find one of these fancy, big and special lapel pins for hubby's suit then climbing to the 1% since the 47% has been getting rather crowded lately, there are also too many binder women in this category so I feel the stress of the competition.
    Thank you Mr. presidential candidate for making such amazing decisions for me and my family, thank you for the binder idea which has so enriched and fundamentally changed our lives!
  • JudithAnn - Beautiful storyPasquale is a simple hotel owner in a small village in Italy in the 1960s. One day, an American movie star comes to stay at his hotel. She is called Dee Mory and is working on a movie in the nearby town. He falls in love with her, but it transpires that she has been dumped there by the director of the movie, who wants to avoid her and Richard Burton to continue their affair. Richard is supposed to be in love with Elizabeth Taylor (that real-life love story will help promote the movie).

    In the current time, the (now old) movie director, long back in America, and his assistant Claire, are visited by Pasquale, who wants to know what happened to "his" starlet. Also visiting is a younger man, who wants to pitch his movie idea to the director, but gets involved in Pasquale's quest because he speaks Italian and can translate between the men. So they go and look for Dee (who never became famous).

    The book alternates between the current time and the past and bit by bit the reader finds out the full story of the starlet. The writing is beautiful!

    I loved the dreamlike story of Pasquale who falls in love with Dee but has no chance of starting a relationship with her. She is in love with the actor Richard Burton although Richard doesn't seem quite so dedicated to her.

    I liked how in the current time line several unlikely people come together in search of Dee Moray. The story kept its momentum throughout. The 1960s story had a movie-like feel to it with some real American actors in a forgotten Italian town, with relationship issues and a hotel owner with a secret love of his own (other than Dee).

    A great read, recommended!