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  • Ajz23 - Best edition in a long time!I have purchased every Eat This and Cook This book to date and the last few have been a bit repetitive. However, this edition really shines compared to the few that preceded it. There are a ton of informative articles at the beginning followed by a revamped version of the "eat this not that" section of the book. I am glad that the series has picked up and will be able to maintain existing fans and hopefully bring in a bunch more!
  • Elisa 20 - Nice, alone or in combinationI bought the Wacom Bamboo tablet and pen to use together with this and it made a big difference. The Autosketch software was easy as can be to install (at least on WIN) and to use (I chose NOT to "access TIFF, PSD, PNG" etc. because that just makes Autosketch the default to open pictures in those formats. You can change it back if you make a mistake, but I'd rather use other programs to open my files and import pictures into Autosketch. Just fyi.).

    Everything I wanted to import did so smoothly. The tools (pen, brush, color palette etc.) worked fine and were fun to use. It was easy to import into Photoshop and Illustrator (my two primary end-sources). Tis software has already heled with mock ups, added details and color changes (it even lets you use layers) that are harder and more time-consuming in other programs.

    Getting a pen tool may not be necessary, but it really made drawing feel natural and adding printing, signatures, calligraphy etc. was a breeze. I just didn't find my mouse responsive enough to use for drawing.

    I definitely enjoyed using Autosketch and can see a lot of future uses for it
  • the Little Trouble - Excellent sound, but several possible improvementsStill very recommend, after 3 months experience
    Advantage( what you will have):
    # Perhaps the best sound( my ever heard) from an integrated airplay speaker, very Hi-Fi
    # On MAC OS, patch iTune( w/ Amarra + Airfoil) is helpful for further sound quality improvement

    Several possible improvements( hope some can be fixed in future firmware update):
    1. Wi-Fi is not smart enough to rebuild the connection for each failure, so requires a robust Wi-Fi for each smooth operation
    2. The LED indicator is located at the back of the master speaker, not easy for Wi-Fi status checking when necessary
    Perhaps a small mirror is helpful. It will be nice if this status LED can be shown at front or on dock also
    3. Not very green, poor power management when compare to other competitor
    Say Zeppelin air( when idle, enter Eco stand-by mode but still keep Wi-Fi alive, easy to saving electricity)
    4. The IR remote control has a very short range and limited angle, so you might still need to pick up your iOS device frequently

    For all, it's quite interesting for such an excellent acoustics from Philips. Turn over my previous image.
  • Student of Life "Cheri" - Lost 7.3# in 7 days!I love this plan. The key for me was in reading the book, planning the week's menus, shopping, and then preparing everything on Sunday so that I was ready for the entire week. I packed up my snacks and meals and labeled everything by Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3. By doing this I was on auto pilot. The surprise was the food is delicious. I had no cravings. The most difficult part was eating all of the food. I lost 7.3 pounds in 7 days. I lost 3 inches of belly fat or inflammation and bloating off of my waist.

    I am someone who has struggled with my weight since I turned 40 (almost 14 years ago). I have fought for every ounce I lose and then my weight jumps up as soon as I stop.

    This plan is different. It repairs your metabolism so that your body will work for you and tap into your fat stores. My daughter and I spent yesterday (Sunday) getting ready for week 2. Everyone at her job is interested in what she gets to eat for lunch. Her boss asked if her she could make an extra serving for him.

    I am so stoked that I am finally losing weight. I am so excited to have found a healthy, successful way to drop this unwanted weight and become healthy. I also downloaded her app ($1.99) that you can use to plan your meals and grocery list and remind you that it's snack time, you haven't drank enough water yet today, etc.

    Someone wrote a review stating that it was a low calorie diet. That is so not true. I have never eaten this much quality, satisfying, food. Again, my biggest problem is eating everything I am supposed to. The recommended activity is logical and doable. I hope to drop 50 pounds following her plan. For the first time I feel like I am going to achieve this goal.
  • D. Bennett - Better than I expectedI had Quicken 2009 and resisted updating to 2012 until they cut off my bank updates on 30 April.

    All previous updates were a major pain because they always changed the look and feel of my register and it would take days of tinkering just to get back to where I was before I got the update.

    I just downloaded from Amazon (it was cheaper than the offer from Quicken by about $10) and was pleasantly surprised that that my register and all other settings are about identical to what I had previously. Also, when it makes a backup now it is just one file rather than multiple files.