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  • Arun das - Great product which works out of the box!!Thera breath is the most wonderful mouthwash(not the normal alcoholic one) i have ever used in my life. Like other mouthwashes it doesnt contain alcohol, so no more burning sensation in the mouth. It tastes more or less like water with a mild mint flavor. People complained they lose taste after using this mouthwash. But i have no issues so far. It works like a charm and stops your bad breath forever by not masking the bad breath, rather reduces the sulphur components by its oxygenating formula. I dont know how it stops bad breath instantly. Thanks to the oxygenation process rather than the masking of bad breath. Only a small amount of therabreath is needed for a single rinse, so the two bottles will last more than 2 months atleast for me as i use it only once a day. I think a single dose of rinse per day is enough for average bad breathers (like me!). All i can say is that its a most value for money product. Thank you Thera Breath.
  • Babygirl87 - A Great Product!I was rather pleased with the item which I purchased which was the Medical School Requirements Review Book for 2008-2009. The book arrived early and was brand new as stated. I did not have any complications and have nothing but good feelings about my purchase. I will definantly be a continuous customer.
  • Antonio - It's all about the speakersI bought this for a 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab about 2 years ago. I put 3 different kinds of woofers in it and finally settled on a pair of JL Audios. The fit was very good but I bolted the the box to the floor (Made a huge sound difference). I must say after about 2 months of trial and error with the speakers I got it spot on. I listen to Rap, R&B, Soul, Rock, Rock & Roll, and blues and it sounds great. I am glad I had years of experience hooking up stereo equipment or I would have been upset with this product. The speaker is so important because you have to remember that you are trying to put a 12" woofer in a .60 cubic foot box. The box is very well built and solid.