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  • blue_vett - a must read for any father.I picked this book up because I loved the movie All the pretty horses and the movie No country for old men. the movie for the road had not even started production yet (the movie was a horriable rendition of the book it did not do it justice

    As a new father myself and a beliver that one day man will destroy the earth, this novel really hit home, it brought new feelings and thoughts that left me wondering what i would do in the fathers shoes, how could you carry on day after day, starving and watching your child suffering, and no real help in sight, the emotions that it stirred were all new to me.

    I mark this book as a MUST READ for everyone, yes it is dark but it is how i have always thought of "end times"
  • Diane O. Hainsworth "diane" - hydro floss oral irrigatorI had been told, by a new dentist, that I had a number of large pockets in my gums, along my molar teeth and it was suggested that I needed periodontal work to correct the problem. A doctor suggested that I purchase the hydro floss and I did. I started with the low pressure setting and worked up to the higher pressure as my gums became healthier. My last dental appointment (six months after the last one) showed my gums healthy and no longer needing extra work. I love the Hydro Floss and intend to have it as part of my home dental care forever.
  • V. Palomera - Does the JobI have been using this product every other month or so for the past 2 yrs. I know some people have rated that it is no good, my experience with this product has been great. I take the pills in the morning and before bed as directed and I do not feel bloated as i would when i do not take the pill. Sure when you first begin taking them you are going to feel weird, by weird i mean upset stomach and possibly (depending on the person) diarrhea. People have to understand it's meant to CLEANSE it is not a magical pill, you do have to do some exercise and drink plenty water to see results. Also good when taken with the fat burner. Hope this helps possible purchasers.
  • Dap81 - Love this carseatWe purchased two of these seats. One for my Mazda CX9 and one for my husbands BMW535i. It fits in both vehicles easily, rear facing and both vehicles can put the passenger seats almost all the way back. Installation is not hard if you read the directions. Also make sure to adjust shoulder and center straps before installing. We bought the first seat when my son was 10 or 11 mo and the second one when he was 17mo. He has plenty of room and actually rarely fusses in this seat. Also often falls asleep in it it is well cushioned and is very sturdy. I researched a ton before choosing a seat and have been very happy with this one. The straps are not hard to adjust or loosen. My only complaint is the soft pad that goes on the bottom buckle. It always falls off and tends to be more of a nuisance than a benefit. So we do not use it. The is a great seat and Amazon seems to have it at the most competitive price. With free shipping the seats were at our house within the week. Would definitely recommend.
  • Kimberly B. - Fun and colorfulMy 2 1/2 month old daughter loves this. She will look in the mirror and smile and coo at herself. It will keep her entertained while I am preparing dinner or have to run to the bathroom. She also kicks at the piano and plays music. I see this as something that will grow with her because you can take off the toys and play with them separately as well as change the position of the piano so she can sit at it and play. The mat cleans easily and does not attract animal hair (we have a cat and dog). You can also adjust the toy bar so it sits on the ground for tummy time but we usually don't use it that way. My daughter especially likes the red bird that jingles and the frog.