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  • Terry P "mrdata98" - A great readFull disclosure: I am a big Mike Lupica fan.

    That being said, I did enjoy this book. It's a fun and easy read, especially if you are a high school football fan and/or the parent of a teen age athlete. If it was summer, I'd say it's a good beach book. Not taxing on the mind, just good fun.
  • Ashley Lang - Love it!I am a physician assistant student and this little book is quite handy to have around. I love that everything is alphabetized so that you don't even have to look up where a drug is in the index if you don't want to. So far it has has about 95% of the drugs I try to look up. It includes indications, adult and pediatric doses, contraindications, black box warnings, and even side effects. This has helped me out tremendously during my didactic studies and I am sure it will be even more helpful once I start clinicals in a few weeks.
  • Alejandra Flores - Great AdviceWhat I loved this book is that it has helped me in my personal life, workplace,etc. This book should be read by everyone whether they stay home or have a job. This book along with the 7 habits by Sean/Franklin Covey go hand in hand. By using their challenges we become productive/proactive citizens.