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  • Bruce G. Silverman - The Big Business Tool for Small BusinessesMany years ago I graduated from college with a degree in history. (A lot of good that did!) I never took a business course in my life, and "accounting" was something accountants did. Not historians. But when I started my company eight years ago, I couldn't afford a bookkeeper, which meant I'd need to manage its finances myself... and putting invoices and copies of checks in a shoebox probably wouldn't be adequate. That's when I discovered QuickBooks Pro. It was easy to learn (with a little help from time to time from user groups that QuickBooks "Help" function connects you to), easy to use, and best of all, it enabled me to actually know -- to the penny -- how my business was doing. QuickBooks also made tax prep for my business a cinch. It's also clear that no matter how big my business grows, it's VERY unlikely I'll ever outgrow QuickBooks. I upgraded to Pro 2013 earlier this year, and if anything, it made the day-to-day user experience even better by enabling customization and providing a really good "reminder" (To-Do) feature. I think of QuickBooks as a "big business tool that works for small businesses." It's definitely helping me make my business bigger... and that's the BIG idea.
  • Nubian "Nubian" - WORKS for HSV-II as well(genital)....and just as fastAbreva also works as well/fast on genital herpes as well. Although not advertised as such(Can't figure out why it isn't), but I don't get cold sores on my lips. Never have. ONLY 'down below' & I'm female. It ALWAYS Starts with tingling usually 3-5 days after my monthly cycle. I can mark it on the calendar...every month. I just start applying a VERY SMALL amount, ONLY enough to cover the tingling area. Usually on the area around my viginal opening is where the sores start. By the 2-3day, there are hardly any sores & what tries to form are already starting to heal.

    This from someone who has NOT been sexually active in several years, LITERALLY!!!(OKAY, close your mouth!!!), I just don't have a man right now & I don't go the other way!!!!.

    BUT I used to get Valtrex pills, at $35/mth EVERY MONTH!!!. This is WAY, way cheaper in regard to the daily pills, not to mention the $30 co-pay doctor visit just to GET the prescription.

    ABREVA, Could you at least consider making a 10 or 12oz tube ??!!!! PLEASE..
  • Thrifty Shopper - Best Foundation I Ever UsedThis foundation covers and is very light.

    I use the primer, for me it is necessary to use it before the foundation. The primer creates a very smooth surface as I have pores and such that need to be evened out first.

    This actually helps with blemishes. It clears them up.

    I also find it necessary to use the mineral veil to smooth out the foundation.