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  • Andrew C. LING - excellent, rating =10Unless the Kennedy family or someone can produce evidence to contradict Mr Hersh, I have no reason to disbelieve what he worte about the Kennedys. While I am very disgusted with the Kennedys, I do believe retribution has been given to both Jack and Bobby with their early and tragic deaths. What I find very disturbing were the people who worked with or were associated with the Kennedys, they never spoke out . Money and power have certainly corrupted a lot of people
  • Pat O'Brien - Love itThis is the second tablet we have purchased. My wife loves the first one so much I had to get a second one so I could use it.
  • jswilkes - WD My Book Live Duo 6TBThis is a good network hard drive. The only downside is the public folder. Everyone that has access to the hard drive can download files to the public folder. Not that big of deal still worth 5 stars. I also added another WD 2TB external hard drive to this one (USB2.0/3.0 connection) and I can move folders back and forth with ease. For a network hard drive this is a sound investment.

    Update: After using this network hard drive for over three months no problems or worries. It is very slow with videos outside of my home network but I mostly use it for files and music and I have no problems with transfer speeds with my laptop or phone. It also sends an e-mail if something happens (restarts) which is nice if something should go wrong with a hard drive. I still give this 5 stars for ease of use and accessibility.
  • J. V. Hamilton - I love my Kindle. Amazon "Rocks" as a company!I purchased a used Kindle for the price of $359.00. Their was a very long waiting list and did not want to wait anymore...
    So after a few days of using my new "used" Kindle, I noticed a few minor things. No big deal but it was annoying because the person who sold it to me said it was "like new" condition.
    It was a bit beat up looking like someone dropped it! I was not happy about that since I paid full price..
    After several calls to the Kindle techs at Amazon, they were always able to help me through the problem of the day.
    After 2 days my battery was dead and that was with shutting it off after reading and not going on line..
    So my Kindle tech told me it was almost out of it's one year warranty and they sent me a brand new Kindle for free!Overnight express I might add.....
    They also sent me a mailing lable to ship the old one back. I wanted to say Amazon really stands by their products..
    I LOVE my new Kindle. I wish I waited just a little bit more for Kindle 2 but this one is great.. The battery life is outstanding if you turn it off after reading and don't go on line. After the initial playing around, I don't need to go online much and the battery lasts a very long time.
    The only thing I would complain about is it is easy to advance pages forward & backward so be sure to always bookmark your pages. You do get used to where to hold it so that doesn't happen.. Other than that, go ahead, make the investment if you are thinking about it. I have 3 books going at one time and it all fits neatly in to my purse when I go out. Great product, great company!
  • A. York "Skip" - Work's Well - I'm PleasedI am a Quicken user from back in the DOS days. I purchased this version and upgraded from 2011. The file conversion did not go well and as a result the register was out of balance. So I had to start with a new fresh account list which was a pain to reconstruct. But it's now complete and the program is working great.