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  • Mardou - INVALUABLE PIECE OF ARTWORK!!!!!This is an excellent book, I felt really empowered after I finished reading it!
    I will never be the same woman again, by the time I got the book I was dealing with self-esteem issues due to a bad romance . I was finding really, really hard to let a bad guy go and this book gave me the courage to achieve my ultimate goal of moving forward with my life away from the painful situation.

    I highly recommend this book!!!! IT CHANGED ME FOREVER!!!
  • Judyann G. Rowton "venus1995" - Breaking the vicious cycleAnyone who has ulcerated colitis really needs to get this book and try the diet because it does work. The natural way is always the best way if you can do it for there is no side=effects like you get from medication or operations.
  • Darin Loccarini - Showmanship beyond price... Almost free!!Ok I am biased because I am a lifelong RUSH fan and I also appear momentarily on this DVD, as does my license plate and the pink cut out letters spelling RUSH, ALEX, and GEDDY at different times throughout the show. A review for a rush product is almost moot anyway because you are either a Rush fan or you are not a Rush fan and if you are a Rush fan you are going to buy every DVD they produce!!! It's a great thing that you can also get a really good loud home theater audio system while shopping Amazon because you will want it for this DVD!!! Many long time Rush fans were disappointed with the set list of the most recent tour, clockwork Angels, and it created a bit of controversy among the Fanbase, so if you are more interested in their older material this is a better choice as our previous productions.
  • Jared Anderson - Defiantly notice a differenceNoticeable change in appetite.
    lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks.
    it's stopped some intermittent stomach pain i've had for the last few years, probable due to over eating.

    defiantly would recommend, especially if you are looking for something safe that will help you eat less.