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  • Rosse Tosse "rosse-tosse" - Rogaine worksIve been using rogaine for over 2 years now and it definitely has had positive effects.
    My hair loss has slowed considerably and possibly even got some regrowth.
    I recommend rogaine to all my friends.

    The foaming action is so easy. apply it to the spot with a quick squirt, the pat it in and using your fingers to kinda brush it into place.
    I wait a few minutes then brush my hair over it.

    Sometimes it hardens and looks like hair gel, but a quick brush through gets rid of that look
  • Dr. Norma Russ - Excellent bookA doctor recommended that I purchase this book while on my last rotation as Nurse Practitioner student. It really helps and now I am making all "A's" in my pharm course and while working as NP it makes my jobs a lot easier and fast. I would recommend this book to all Nurse Practitioner students and Med Student as well.
  • Patrick Legg "Dragonfly" - Lots of electronic joy!!Always impressive, Sony has once again given us gamers a great update to the console it introduced so many years ago.
    With a great new interface, the PS4 offers users a fresh, new experience while still feeling familiar enough to eliminate too much of a learning curve. The PS4 gives us great graphics, generous memory, upgrade-ability, lots of wonderful games at launch, and plenty more on the way.
    One thing that surprised me about the PS4 was the weight of both the console itself and the controllers. Compare by holding a PS3 controller in one hand the the Dualshock 4 in the other and you'll find there's a big difference. The PS4 is considerably heavier. I suppose it just means there's that much more good stuff packed into this one! It's nothing that would in any way change my decision to purchase the PS4, but was just surprising.
    For any of the more casual PlayStation users out there, please remember this version is NOT backwards compatible so you CANNOT play your PS1, PS2, or PS3 games on this console.