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  • Amer Sharaf - A dramatic novel infused with rich non fictious contentDan brown delivers another dramatic novel yet again. It was equally enjoying to read this story as to discovering the wealth of history, art and science infused. This rich fusion made this book a non stopping page turner. I have never googled so much of the content mentioned with any other book before. Great book, I look forward for the next one .
  • Erin Ribar - Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through DietWhy did I like the book? It gave me what I've been searching for for years: HEALTH! I've been to numerous doctors for alternative health care and nutritional supplements, spending thousands of dollars. I'm sure some of the things I've tried were good for my health, but they did not ultimately affect my Crohn's Disease. My health problems began in April 1990 when I underwent a fissurectomy/sphincterotomy, and although Crohns waxes and wanes with good days and bad days, I've never had the GREAT and SUPERB days I've had the last 2 months I've been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and without medicine. My doctor always told me there is no research to show that any specific foods affect Crohns disease, just "don't eat what bothers you". I have tried to do that, but it is very difficult to figure out what foods are affecting the disease. It's spelled out very scientifically in the book, and for that I am eternally grateful!!!
  • UAMich - Great gym!My daughter loves this gym. She loves to kick and play on the piano and then dance to the music. While the toys on the bar, help her work on her hand-eye coordination. She hated tummy time on the boppy mat we had but with the piano and toys on this - she is starting to like tummy time much to our relief.
  • Gerald Brown - I love this pillowI will admit I was very skeptical at first. The wife always wanted to get these but I didnt believe they were as good as advertised. After seeing a sales booth at a local fair finally agreed to get two. The blue and the green, and so far it is the best pillow I have ever slept on. It doesnt go flat aftrr a couple hours, I do not wake up multiple times in the night to adjust my pillow. This last week has been some of the best sleep in a long time. We fight over who gets what pillow though while the blue is good we both like the extra firmness of the green. The blue is still very good and comparable to a standard pillow. To sleep in a pillow that doesnt flatten out is amazing. Time will only tell if I am still happy in a couple months. But right now very happy with the purchase.