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  • Dolphin - Relax BItdefender is on boardThis is the 5th year that we have used Bitdefender's Security system and find it to be the best software on the market. Detailed in job it performs yet easy to use and understand. It can be customized or used right out of the box. BItdefender simply works in the background keeping files, web searches, etc. safe without requiring a lot of resources.
  • Charles Petit - Excellent for the missionaryThis is an invaluable book for travel to the less developed parts of our shared world. I have given several copies to villagers for their empowerment when little medical help was available. As a physician I found the book both readable and accurate and as a priest the concern for the poor was evident and despite my opposition to abortion on the whole I can still recommend it. Chuck Petit+
  • jlshopping "jlshopping" - Best Concert DVD Sade Has Produced Hands DownI saw Sade's concert live and have to say this DVD was even better; probably because I was sitting too far away at the concert.
    The quality and sound of the Blu-ray is amazing. The background videos were very beautiful and matched well with her seeing as if it was watching a live concert video. If you are a fan of Sade, buy this DVD without a doubt as she sees most of her most popular songs. I have 2 other Sade DVD and this blows away any of her old DVD based on sound and video quality. You won't go wrong buying this. You'll treasure it. One of the best Blu-ray concerts that I have and I have over 30 of them.
  • David - A great guide for those who enjoy the history and art of RomeRick Steves' enthusiasm and passion for history and art and his knowledge of the city is clearly evident in this guidebook. (I rarely use the hotel and restaurant suggestions and I was disappointed with the one restaurant suggestion we did use). But, that is not why I buy his books. The book is a virtual guide. The book tells you the details and history. It has great walking tours. For example, if you plan to visit the Vatican, the book guides you through possible routes to see what you want and not miss the big things and explains what you are looking at along the way. When you finally reach the Sistine Chapel the book tells you about the history of the chapel. It tells about the meaning behind what you are seeing on the ceiling. Then it gives you a shortcut to St. Peter's. I have used all the major guidebooks. When I go to Europe, I always use Rick Steves as my guide.
  • Pen Name - RevolutionaryThe Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer has saved me time so that I can make money. I own an ice cream store and it took me hours to cut of the days bananas for the days Sundays. During the summer I had to hire two extra employees just to handle this job. With minimum wage going up I thought that I was never going to be able to afford those extra persons for this summer. I was worried that I might even have to close my store. Well 571 Banana Slicer changed all of that, now not only will I be to keep my own store open without the extra employees, I can now open the Hot Dog Palace that I have always wanted to open. I am a little concerned about how I am going to cut up all of those hot dogs for the little kids, but I guess I will deal with that when it comes up (too bad someone doesn't make something to cut hot dogs up).