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  • Hans Ludwig Kanitz - The Wild Life by John Lewis StempelWhat a story! Beautifully written and thought provoking. The experiences described stand out clear and true even including the author's own family. I own one of the first hard covers (now also availabel in paperback)and gave it a favorite place on my bookshelf. Highly recommended reading for any nature loving reader.
  • Maisey - Worth every penny!Exposed is fantastic! Im 25 years old and have been seeing a dermatologist for acne since the 3rd grade. I have tried EVERYTHING from prescription gels/creams to acutane to $500 worth of microderm abrasion with little results. I spent a lot of time researching acne treatments and this system came up rated the highest. I love that it has lots of natural ingredients. While it has not completely eliminated my acne it has made an infinitely greater difference than anything else I have ever tried. The lotion makes your skin really soft to. I recommend using a spot treatment as well like Murad's Acne Spot Treatment. You may also need an additional moisturizer in the winter time. While the product is expensive it is worth every penny to me to have clear skin.