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  • Lynn A. Kendall "bibliophile, -phage, and -ma... - If Only Grandpa Had Read This....Our people were simple, traditional. When it came time to calve, we didn't bother reading about shipping lanes or the Bermuda Triangle, we just said a last tender goodbye to the pack and pulled away with a creaking sound. Then we gave ourselves to our new and splendid freedom. Finally separate from the mother ice, we could drift at will -- a happy life for a young iceberg. Being nine-tenths submerged, we gloried in our front-row view of the brilliant variety of marine life around us.

    Sure, as we drifted further and further away from home, we encountered the dangers of warmer waters. Every iceberg knows that calving is the first step toward total meltdown. Yet this brave venturing into new waters usually lasts years, at least for an iceberg of size and majesty like Grandpa.

    At least, size and majesty until he smashed into that huge ship.

    Decades have passed, but the pain remains.
  • justin - Love it!It far exceeded my expectations for a tablet with that price point. Very impressed! I would recomend this tablet to anyone looking for one.
  • PSmail - A true blessingI just recently purchased this book and it is truly a blessing to read words of wisdom from a young soul. Joshua Dubois devotional words to President Obama are not only filled with daily scritpture and ponderings but reaches beyond the walls of the White House to touch the lives of some many people. I'm grateful for what began as a small act of love, care, and kindness towards our nations leader to now touch my life in a personal way.

    This book is a daily must read!