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  • Pdachsie - Love my FireHd

    I waited a long time before I took the plunge into electronic reading.
    I shouldn't have waited.
    This item is excellent. I borrow a lot of ebooks from the library.
    I not only can read on it, adjusting the text and brightness depending on where I am but I can
    use it to go on the internet on wifi and play games if I want to. It has nice speakers and I can listen to my music on it as well.
    I love this product.

  • Aaron Brown - Good history, excellent analysis

    Balko provides a thorough overview of the history of militarization in America's police forces and a compelling analysis of the root cause for many of the worst abuses of the drug war. Highly recommended.

  • Bill Stock - The best I have ever had.

    I love my Garman!! after having another brand that I could never remember how to program when i need to, every thing was always backwards to me but this is simple easy to understand, use, and read i can get updates when they are available when i could not with the other brand I will not mention. I don't have to read the instructions every time i want to use it and that was big for me since I only travel 2 times a year.