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City: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

  • L. Simpkinson - From Mr. RobMe (Governor of Massachusetts but not the Masses!)Yippeee, I am so excited, they finally arrived! I have been waiting very impatiently for my binders to be delivered. I bought more than one because I am confident that I will find more qualified women than what one binder can hold.
    I have a white binder for the common "White" "Ann" types (Straight-Narrow), women. I perceive that these will be the hardest to find - seeing as though I have quickly turned them away by merely OPENING MY MOUTH.
    I bought a Pink one to showcase and hold all those that are a little more rebellious/Liberal, and who have a mind of their own....The intelligent ones. (Right for being Left ones)!! These particular women come in any shape, size, color or creed these are the ones I plan on keeping in a locked drawer... I will make sure these are the ones that I DO give birth-control to because we would hate for them to reproduce. I will also allow them to get abortions in any case, in-fact encourage abortion of all their babies... because I would hate for them to REPRODUCE more of their kind. I would never want them to be "let out".
    I am also buying a "multi-colored" one this is the binder that can hold the Butch women, and Women who love other women, the Men who LOOK and live like a woman, and all others that don't fit it the little box that society seems to make women fit into. These will be "cross referenced" into the Pink binder as well. Although the color of the binder will not reflect the color of the women it binds... It is a quick way for me to keep things organized. GOD knows I have an VERY HARD time keeping my facts and information straight!
    I hope you enjoy your binders as well as I love mine.

    Power to the white men in this country... may we all have multiple submissive women to bind!
  • Gerald H. Sanders - No different from other versionsI have been using Quicken for close to twenty years, and unlike others, have had no problem with any of the versions, including 2013. The only reason that I upgraded from 2011 is that I purchased a Microsoft Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the Microsoft rep told me (I believe erroneously) that 2011 would not run on Windows 8 Pro. My install went perfectly. I have not tried to sync to the Quicken Cloud, and will not do so considering all the problems others have had. I am using Microsoft's Sky Drive for cloud storage which seems fine. Bottom line, I see no difference between 2011 and 2013 in functionality. Don't uprgrade unless you have to do so.
  • M. M. Siegfried "martijwis" - Sound Parenting TechniquesAs a retired special education teacher/therapist, I bought the Total Transformation Program to review its content and perhaps give it to my son and daughter-in-law. I have listened to the CD's and been impressed with the amount of very sound discipline advice that would be applicable for parents with smaller children (e.g., 4-10), preteens, and teens.
    Some of the more useful parenting concepts and descriptions of HOW to implement them included:
    1. Assume (parental) control--give simple directions and follow up (if necessary)with simple questions and matter of fact repetition of the directions such as "What are you supposed to be doing?" "Go do it" "My responsibility is to make dinner. Your responsibility is to do your homework" Give simple directions without speeches, lenghthy explanations, pleading, reasoning--easier said than done for most parents, but parents need to be more aware of their own overreactions and retrain themselves to be brief, firm, and consistent.
    2. Disconnect when disrespect occurs--cut off communication at point of disrespect through specific actions--walking away, stating in simple terms how the behavior is not living up to your expectations and what you're going to do about it in the short term--e.g., leave the room.
    3. Don't try to reason with child excessively or over-explain. This can give the rebellious child an excessive feeling of power and control over the parent. Specific scripts and examples are given about ways to talk in a brief, calm, authoratative (NOT unreasonable or authoratARIAN)tone with a clear message.
    4. Lessen overstimulation--have friends/siblings leave the area, turn off TV or game before briefly stating what expectations are for this instance. Many parents let background noise and images from TV, computer, games, friends, music stay on when trying to discipline the child--these influences and/or audiences can escalate the negative behavior of the child.
    5. Give positive feedback when appropriate and build the positive relationship with the child while setting strong boundaries for disrepect and other misbehavior and using the positive times together as teaching moments also.
    The program contains much practical content on ways for the parents to change THEMSELVES, which will impact their children's reactions OVER TIME. It is NOT a "quick fix" in all regards--there IS NO such thing--but parents should start to see very positive results relatively soon IF they stick with it. As the saying goes, "It may get worse before it gets better" if children sense that things are changing--again, once children learn the PARENTS are consistent in acting differently, they will respond and act diffently too.
    This program, as with most programs/books of its kind, would be most effective in a preventative way--that is, with younger children just starting to escalate conflicts with parents and others but, with LOTS of practice and consistency by the parents, will also be effective with older children and teens.
    This program will require quite a bit of study and practice by parents but it will be, in my opinion, time and effort well spent. In the long run, it will SAVE parents much time and aggravation to become more aware of and learn better skills to be more firm, detached, clear, and consistent. This program is thought-provoking and clear in its examples and scripts. Some of its content should be obvious to many and yet, this program serves to increase parents' awareness of when they fall into ineffective patterns so that they can change their parenting results through consistent practice of these vital skills.
    The "tough yet fairminded, East Coast" dialect of the author's voice on the CD's is itself empowering that parents can learn and USE these wise, "common sense" (which maybe we never pondered much previously) "street-smart" if you will, parenting skills. The program would also be very helpful for teachers or others working with youth.
  • Joy Cooke - It is what it is and then it isn'tThese were cute until I opened the window while driving through town and one fell into the street. I parked, got out and was just about to retrieve it when someone drove over it and broke it. We drove around with just one antler on and then after the New Year I left the nose on by mistake. Never noticed it until I pulled up to a shop with reflective glass. Silly.
  • Comsumer - Amazing DVD...The Best Band Ever!WOW...I am amazed at how good RUSH is and this DVD is great....The BEST part is with Alex and the group dressed up at the diner..SAUSAGE TIME! They are not only talented musicians but very FUNNY too. The quality and sound is just perfect and of course...I doubt that you will beat the AMAZON PRICE...I always make sure I have a few small items to bring my total up to $25 for the FREE SHIPPING (on MOST items) and if they ever do away with the FREE SHIPPING ,I would shop elsewhere but for now...Amazon has my business on almost everything I buy in my day to day life...They are soooo low on prices,I even have boycott Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts unless it is something I need TODAY...Can NOT beat the Amazon price....sorry Brick and mortor stores that are local....quit gouging and lower your prices like Amazon if you want business.Great Job AMAZON. Keep Rocking RUSH.