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  • Camille H - Upgraded from Pro 2010I'm very happy with this product. I purchased an extra seat so four people can use it at once and it was a breeze to install on our newer computers all running Windows 7. It was also super easy to register, except for the fourth license because I ignored what I was told on the phone by the person that was helping me. Once I called back and followed their instructions it was fine. I always leave my version up and running, although the other users only log on when they need to use it and none of us have had any problems in the month since I purchased it. I like the new features and am glad I upgraded. We were running into some bugs with 2010 that aren't present in 2012. The program fits well with our needs and this was our third time upgrading to a newer version. The software improvements aren't worth upgrading each year, but every few years, so we should be set until 2014 or 2015.
  • Thaddeus Hall - P90XI have had multiple surgeries that were paramount for me to survive. I have no large intestines or bowels. I have a pouch that catches all voided digestion. I fight to keep any weight on. I have fought the last 3 years for any growth, emotional and physical.

    Believe it or not I started this program with an open mind. My physical abilities have grown beyond my initial desired goals and now I am adjusting them upward. My sleep is deeper. My body has adjusted. I have done my best during each workout. I am just finishing up week 4. I am not able to keep up with each move or rep. I adjust all moves as Tony suggests and I continue to gain flexibility, endurance and strength.

    Show up with the right attitude each day. Do your best and forget the rest. I have brought it each workout thus far and even though I am not going to run around without my shirt on, I could if it wasn't for the pouch and the road map of scars on my chest and lower abdomen. I am starting to look great. I feel amazing after I have taken my recovery drink. My diet is much different because of my new plumbing so I don't follow the menu suggestions that came with the program.

    My future has opened up. All problems come with opportunities. I have the opportunity each day to do the work and have the right attitude. I thought my life was going to be limited always (I was repeatedly told as much). It isn't. This program is a key ingredient for my future. I am extremely grateful to all those who have made this possible.

    I was told by doctors and others that I shouldn't ever expect to have that which I have already, physically. How amazing is it that I have exceeded everyone's projected future physical abilities? I know each day presents more or different challenges. I also know that my journey has only just begun. I would offer thanks to all of those that made this program available!!!
  • K. De Nil - If in doubt....I have literally wanted to buy a camera for ages now - the last camera I owned was a film camera - but each time I looked into digital cameras, something put me off actually making that step and spending my money. This time, with a baby on the way, a decision had to be made.

    So last October, I started reading the usual sites (dpreview etc. which TBH weren't that useful since my knowledge of camera's is too limited), asked friends and people who were more knowledgeable about cameras and I read a whole bunch of reviews on

    Most of the time I was advised to get some kind of Point-and-shoot camera, because:

    a. it would fit in my pocket
    b. I didn't know what I was doing anyway

    I would then research whichever camera I was recommended and end up unconvinced because most reviews stated that a P&S camera's are generally only marginally better a good camera phone. (I am aware there are exceptions to this statement). In addtion, since I am a woman, most of my clothes do not _have_ pockets and the thought of being doomed to 'auto' for the rest of my life was ... depressing.

    One friend told me to get a one-generation old micro 4/3 camera.

    So I researched those... They looked promising but one review, or rather the comments on said review, here on amazon on the olympus PEN e-PL1 put me off. The comments were generally along the lines of: "you shouldn't have bought this camera since you are too stupid to use it". EEK!! Surely, I'd fit into that category as well. Part of me couldn't help but feel that this sort camera was just too good/advanced for me.

    In the end... 4 months later, after going around in circles endlessly, I read an article on the best way to make pictures of babies which in summary said:

    1. Do not shove a bit lens into tiny babies face.
    2. Bounce the flash up to the ceiling
    3. Take pictures without baby noticing (no big black box in front of your face)

    So I decided to get the Olympus E-pl3 with the kit lens since it would allow me to do all three of those. I've had it for a week now and I am LOVING it!
    The swivel LCD is awesome. I've taken pictures indoors without flash that look pretty good in my opinion, I've taken pictures on a moving train that look great.

    The best part about camera is that I do not feel stuck in 'auto'-purgatory. I may not know ISO 100 from ISO 800, but if I want to know... I can. And since buying this camera, I really want to as well.

    Now I can spend my evenings trying to figure out which book to buy on learning photography. ;-)
  • Pamela G. Hamilton "sofiemabel" - Great book, great inspirationDon't be fooled by the title -- this is a book for everyone, not just artists, who struggle with self-esteem issues. Sure, this book is all about freeing yur creativity, but the sources, resources, hints, tips and inpsiration Cameron shares are applicable to everyone from the blocked writer (me) to the working professional trying to have it all (me). Cameron shows you how to make stopping and smelling the roses a productive action for life and not a life-waster.