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  • James E. Highland - Two Thumbs Up!I love this book! And although some reviewers have criticized it for being too whimsical or (gasp) even simplistic, I find those same qualities to be an essential part of its readability and helpfulness. This is a book written by a professional artist who had to learn to "unblock" and re-open the flood gates of her own stalled creativity; and she has written a methodology for other artists who might have similar problems. I see it as a heartfelt and constructive effort to help other artists unlock their own inspirational pathways.

    This book contains many useful ideas on how to "relocate" your muse and increase your output, and offers a full deck of different and interesting ways to challenge yourself to higher levels of artistic consciousness, with a small sprinkling of the spiritual.

    I've been a painter for over forty years (and, yes, I am a selling artist, and serious about my painting), and every once in a while, for me, this book is worth another slow, enjoyable read. The section about "refilling our artist's well" and the "artist's date", where you plan new experiences to re-energize your artistic self and recover your connections by finding a fresh view and thinking outside-the-box, is absolutely priceless. Kicking around some funky galleries, eating strange ethnic foods all by yourself, finding a new trail to hike, giving your brain something new to chew on is good stuff! Another part tells us how to manage that little critic that sits on our shoulder doing its best to limit our vision and confidence, with the author urging us to latch onto one's inner powers, harness that unique vision, jump in and try something, anything, just get it out there, okay? Face the blank page, face the white empty canvas, and then let it go, do something with it, make it a reality! And the "morning pages" -- well, they can change your life and probably will, if you actually do them.... Many wonderful tools, all in one small volume.

    This book is written for those "creatives" who wish to explore a different pathway to their own liberation and individuation, and for those artists who might want a different articulation of the more "spiritual" aspects of creating our art. That's it, and while it may seem simplistic to some, it is very illuminating in my view. And, Julia Cameron states right up front that some readers may want to skip around or choose which parts they wish to try -- no rules, just the offering. I like that approach. And if only one of her many methods works for you, then reading this book is well worth the price. I have recommended this volume to every other artist I know, and each one of them has thanked me later. This book is inspiring, supportive and practical, and while no single book can fulfill every artist's needs, I think this one comes pretty close.... I say, take it for what it is, an empowering effort based on some solid tools and methods, then use the parts you like. I give The Artist's Way two thumbs up! Way up.
  • Vahagn - Awesome productWell this is one if the best tablets I've ever meet. It works like a charm almost all the time. Sometimes there may be some issues with "The Library" app, which I think is Asus fault. I suggest to turn wifi off if you don't use it, cause it takes almost 70% of battery
  • T. Nield - The cuteness is so overwhelming you'll cryKinectimals is so freaking cute and if driving a baby tiger on an RC toy car doesn't put a smile on your face... you have no heart. I'm 22 years old and I play my share of Tom Clancy shooters but when I'm in a bad mood... playing Kinectimals for 10 minutes will still make me smile.

    What is amazing about this game is the animals are unbelievably convincing. You forget they are virtual and they feel like a real pet. They're so freaking cute they will make you cry. Kids from the ages of 4-12 will go absolutely nuts for this game. Although this is targeted towards kids, high school crowds and even adults will have to love this.

    This may have less appeal for hardcore gamers who spend their time on Call of Duty and Halo, given the structure of this game is pretty simple and moves at a much more casual pace. But their girlfriends, wives, and kids would love this. It gives them something to do on the Xbox and they will be hooked on Kinectimals to the point you may have to buy a second Xbox for yourself.

    I definitely like the different cubs with different personalities, and you can buy plush toys with Kinect-enabled barcodes to download more cubs!

    So even if you're a hardcore gamer you may still have people in your life who will appreciate this. The Halo crowd will find some unlockable Easter eggs they'll appreciate. And who knows, maybe you can use this to curb your bad moods!
  • Erika Robuck - Moving, rhythmic prose...Set in the present day and in the past in Hollywood and Italy, BEAUTIFUL RUINS is the story of a small group of men and women whose lives become entangled and forever joined from a scandal on the set of the legendary Burton and Taylor film, CLEOPATRA.

    The epicenter of the novel occurs on the coast of Italy in a forgotten town where a young man dreaming of becoming a hotelier and transforming his forgotten land into a tourist destination meets a dying actress who comes to stay with him. The time they spend together has a profound effect on both of their lives.

    BEAUTIFUL RUINS is told from the perspective of many different characters at different phases of their lives. From the highs and lows, wealth and poverty, loves and losses, what I found most fascinating about the novel was the change in tempo and unique perspective each section brought the the book. Fiction doesn't often have a beat, but this novel does, and you can't help but get swept away in its rhythm.

    I entered into the reading of BEAUTIFUL RUINS as a writer intending to study why it is so popular. Over and over again, however, I became so deeply lost in the story, the locales, and the interior lives of the characters, I couldn't remember why I was reading or even that I was reading. Think of every entrance point into the book as a rocky ledge of Italy's Cinque Terre-once you begin the ascent or descent, the views are captivating and hypnotic.

    Profoundly human and moving, BEAUTIFUL RUINS, explores themes of redemption and second chances. It is an epic tale of the resonance of choice and circumstance that can be enjoyed by readers of all kinds of fiction.

    If you are looking for a great read for yourself or another this holiday season, I give BEAUTIFUL RUINS my highest recommendation.