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  • Nancy "Stepfordmomto2" - My New Lunchtime HabitThis is my first foray into a book specifically of short stories. I have wandered across a few here and there but never gave them much thought. What I found in these pages really surprised me. For the most part, they are well thought out and plotted without the usual tangents that some authors tend to wander into while trying to run up word counts so they can call it a novel.

    The stories run about 15 to 20 pages, which makes it a perfect lunchtime read. Each day I would grab my lunch and book and would find myself absorb, start to finish, in a plotline that by the end had me filling in a couple of my own blanks – wondering aloud, did the author mean this or that. Did my presumed antagonist really do that? I loved the fact that not all questions were answered. That the authors drew nice black and white lines and it was up to the readers to filling in their own colors.
  • Bret Black - AmazingIt is rare that any electronic product can be described as being anywhere near perfect, but when it comes to the ASUS Transformer, the technology is very nearly that. With the dock it is possible to rack the storage up to 84GB in SD cards, plus even more on USB flash drives if you choose to go that route. Using DropSync and OfficeSuite Pro my tablet turns into a fully-functioning Android netbook with access to all the files I have on my desktop and laptop. The only criticism I have to offer is that the wireless card isn't that great. But if you have a Bluetooth-enabled phone, this shouldn't be a problem. You can easily tether the signal over the Bluetooth connection. I highly recommend this purchase.

    **Special note to college students**
    The free app "FreeNote" easily allows the user to type and draw on the notepad. With the dock connected, leave the program in draw mode and switch between diagrams and text seamlessly.
  • Brian - It Saved My LifeI purchased the milk hoping to make some low fat Tuscan cheese. When I received the milk, however, I knew that I wouldn't be able to wait for any cheese to mature. I figured, what the heck, I'll pour a glass while it is still room temperature from shipping. I popped the top off and took a whiff. It smelled as fresh and appetizing as the succulent, glistening teat of the Tuscan cow from which it came. Even thinking about it now arouses my deep, mammalian desire to drink milk.

    I awoke in a daze on my kitchen floor some time later, covered in milk. It looked like there was still over half of the milk left in the container, so I hurriedly tossed it in the refrigirator and left for work.

    When I returned home from work, my milk-thirst had returned as well. I opened the refrigirator hoping to see that smooth, plastic jug, but it was gone! At that very moment, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. I opened the freezer and there was my Tuscan milk, frozen as solid as granite. I grabbed the milk I turned to begin heating up the oven so I could thaw my milk faster. I noticed my back door was open. Someone had broken into my house!

    I looked to my left and there was a man holding MY put-put golf club in the air. He meant business. I was so scared that I almost dropped my milk. Instead of dropping the jug, however, I gripped it tighter. I could feel my own pulse through it's perfectly crafted handle. No, instead of dropping the jug, I raised it in the air behind me. I threw it right at the burglar's head with all of my might.

    The frozen mass crashed against his head and made a wrong-sounding crack as it shattered. He fell to the floor, and the pieces of frozen milk fell upon him like an October hailstorm. He lay there on my kitchen floor and all of that whole Tuscan milk began to melt.

    I grabbed the phone to call the police, but hung up before dialing. I was not going to let that milk go to waste and I had to be quick! I cupped as much as I could from the floor into my hands taking tiny slurps and dreaming of Tuscany. I'm not sick or anything, so I didn't drink any of the milk that had mixed with the pool of blood forming under the burglar's head. There was some on his face, neck, and chest that I had to slurp off of him. I tried to slurp quietly and softly so I wouldn't wake him.

    The funny thing is, when the police came, they told me he was dead. I could have taken my time! Anyways, I owe my life to that jug of milk and I'll never forget that day.
  • Terrance Lackie "Terrance" - Great game, I don't understand the complaintsThis is the most fun I've had with a city builder since SimCity4. Needing to be online isn't a problem for me, and it's nice to have my cities no matter which computer I'm using. The flow of play is great, not too boring not too hectic. The graphics are excellent and this seems to be the smoothest running SimCity I've played. City size seems small at first, until you understand that most maps have multiple city areas you can build in and connect. Also, once you fill up your city area you should be focused on improvements to gain density, not endless urban sprawl (although you can effectively do that too). I could have predicted the hate parade was inevitable no matter how "good" this game turned out to be...the internet trolls were very ready to hate this game.

    The way you can upgrade buildings is really fun, and helps with city design and management much better than the old model of, "just build more schools, hospitals, police stations, etc."

    Curved roads is really really cool and something this series has needed for a long time. I also really like the new way zones are layed out. Instead of blocking out a bunch of squares, you just paint along roadways the various zones.

    I always hated routing underground water lines, thankfully that has been done away with (roads automatically double as water pipes).

    If you liked SimCity, SimCity 2000, or SimCity 4, I think you will like this.
  • Ilker Yucel "Kryptych" - Arguably my favorite Floyd album..."Dark Side of the Moon" was an experimental and highly musical expansion into lunacy. "Wish You Were Here" was a momentous tribute to the great lunatic who started Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett. And now, in the day-and-age when Punk and Disco were clashing, Pink Floyd release this album that makes a statement on music's disgust for the corporate machine with all the abrasive spite of punk, but all the symphonic and experimental qualities that made Pink Floyd one of the greatest in progressive music. The last album clearly showed that Roger Waters, the less-than-emotionally-stable genius was assuming greater control over the material, and with this album it becomes quite evident that he was taking his place on the stage as his own fictional character, Pink. Guitarist David Gilmour only contributed to the music of "Dogs," which is my second favorite of the four compositions on this album. "Dogs" reprises the dog-howling vocals the band experimented with on "Seamus" on their 1972 "Meddle" album, but to a more subtle and eerie extent. Gilmour's solos are brilliant and edgy, yet very clean sounding and not annoying to the ears. A lesser guitarist would have sounded very dirty and almost difficult to listen to. Richard Wright's keyboards add an ambient and symphonic quality that sends the listener into an almost euphoric state. "Pigs: Three Different Ones" is my favorite off this album. A very blues-based song that begins with an eerie organ and pig squeals that resonate throughout the entire song. Waters' bassmanship on this song is wonderful, and Gilmour's eerie guitar volume swells and cries create a spacy feeling that is almost frightening. His ending solo is as brilliant as always, wrought with his signature playing style. "Sheep"'s intro is great, as Water's bass pulses beneath Wright's keyboard solos, also making this somewhat bluesy and jazzy. "Pigs on the Wing," which begins and ends the album is a quandary. It's so dirt simple it's almost humorous, yet the fact that it begins and ends the album on a peaceful note with three "over-ten-minute-long" rock symphonies that give a sense of George Orwell's "Animal Farm," is actually a note of subtle genius. The reason this could be my favorite Floyd album: it's the most edgy without sacrificing musical quality and craftsmanship. The previous two albums, which seem to hold higher esteem with fans, were experimental, progressive, bluesy, brilliant, and musically excellent, but there wasn't as much sense of the band getting down and dirty as there was on this album. I guess that's to say that even with all the overdubs and multi-tracks, this probably has Floyd at their most raw sound! And yet it still shows the talent of the band members that they played their instruments with great precision to produce a clean sound. Truly an underrated album from perhaps the best progressive band ever to exist.