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  • ILikeAmazon "ilikeamazon" - Supportive, no-numbness, ventilated, fairly stiffI'm an avid urban / suburban cyclist who has always favored hybrids (recent bikes: Trek 7700, Trek 7.3FX, Cannondale Quick 4). The Treks were fitted with Terry's Liberator Y Gel, which is meant for recreation/more serious (aka road) biking. I appreciate the Liberator's anatomical cutouts and perforated seating and never suffered numbness, saddle sores, etc. but always thought the Liberator Y Gel was too stiff for recreational riding. Advice: If you're a more serious rider and want something lighter and a bit stiffer (but still with gel), this is a great seat. These seats hold up well year-after-year. Note: If you want something more cushy to handle an upright riding position, you might check out Terry's Cite Y Gel seat instead (which I've also reviewed). This review only pertains to the Men's Liberator ("Y" designation).
  • motherofone - Amazing!I have an 8 yearold daughter who has suffered a cold sore outbreak once a month, for four months at the same site on her lip. After finding my insurance plan did not cover any of the costly cold sore creams, I decided to give abreva a try with a doctors ok. The medication is stated not to be used for ages 12 and under, but the dr said it would be fine. Please note also, my daughter sees a few different pediatricians, and some argued abreva is a waste of time. Out of options, Finally I printed the $2 coupon off abrevas site and decided to give it a whirl.

    For the first time my daughter's lip has finally cleared, with NOMORE monthly outbreaks. I also did not apply the cream as often as directed, and still the results were fantastic. Once the blister was healed, I continued to use the cream before bedtime to help ward off any future outbreak. I feel there is something in the abreva that finally was able to kill, or at least inhibit the active virus that finally allowed the current outbreaks that lasted for almost 4 months to cease. I will ALWAYS have this on hand, and I would highly recommended this product before shelling out hundreds on the perscriptions. Also, the cream is easily absorbed, and pain free! I have tried numerous other cold sore creams that left my daughter screaming and jumping around like a kangaroo. Abreva does not have this effect, and may possibly give a soothing effect. The tube is small, but goes a long way! you really do not need to use a lot of the product at ALL even with the suggested numerous applications throughout a day.

    Cold sores are not cureable, but abreva defintely has healing power, and is an excellent prevention medication!
  • "mom_2_3" - It is taking me on my own spiritual journey...I always have been a believer and a prayer. My relationship with God has been a little, well, non-existant as of late. Not by HIS choice of course. I am on a journey, as many people in this book are, in rediscovering the love of God and the unshakable faith I yearn for.Today I finished the first book in this series and can't wait to receive my second! I already miss Father Tim, Dooley, and Cynthia! The prayers and scripture are moments I feel I am spending with God in an entertainment arena.Thanks to Jan! and God! Father Tim and his allies preach to each other in a warm and loving way