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  • Ezekiel - Great for you or for resale! wait for cybermonday!I am just thinking about selling it, I may sale it in 280 dollars which would give me some extra money :) but this is a great deal, the console looks cheaper but still has good capacity, I am thinkng that this deal is going to be back for cybermonday or the 500 gb ps3 with AC III may be at lower price, which may be amazing!
  • LovetheGame - Depends on your lifestyle if this will work for you or not.This is the first time I tried this product. I lost 6 lbs in the first 3 weeks taking 9 pills a day. 3am, 3mid, 3pm. They give me energy, help my cravings, but if I don't take the full amount, or if I have a bad cheat week with my diet, the weight can come back on. I think this mainly helps with water weight. My body fat percentage did go down slightly but so did my muscle weight. Overall, if you are eating well and drinking water, it can help, but its not a miracle pill. If you eat crap, it's not going to make your fat disappear. As long as you go in knowing this, you will be happy with the product. Also, pay attention as these are 500mg capsules, and it takes a minimum of 1500mg a day for effects, and they recommend 3500-4500 mg a day for best results. This bottle will go fast. Make sure you get one that is 60% HCA and is Pure Extract for the best results. You can save money if you get the 1500mg capsules as you only need 3 a day as opposed to 6 or 9.
  • Jake Overall - Great BookI can say that I have been extremely happy with the ease and flow of this book. It is textbook without the textbook language. It is easy to keep on the desk for quick references or can be read cover to cover. I am almost all the way through the book and my basic understanding of Maya has doubled. Although this is the Mastering book anyone with a basic understanding of Maya's UI should be able to follow all of the instructions easy enough.

    This book will not disappoint however it wont make you a master of Maya despite its title there is just too much that Maya can do to put it all in one book. I would recommend adding this to your arsenal of Maya knowledge along with How to Cheat in Maya 2010: Tools and Techniques for the Maya Animator I haven't broken down to buy the new 2012 Cheat but these two books alone have been a great start.