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  • Walt O. - A Good InvestmentI am very pleased with the NE56R34u laptop. Since it is my first laptop I cannot judge from other models.
    The first thing I did was upgrade the ram to 8 gigs which made it very speedy. I also upgraded to windows 8 pro and now this baby screams.Even though this has a low-end Pentium processor it works for what I need it to do which is word processing, email, watching videos and light web browsing. Cannot go wrong for the price ( 320.00 ) from Amazon.
  • Kevin Savino-Riker - Creating a prototype for the science of GoodnessThroughout history, we've seen that individuals can bring forth ideas that spark entire movements - shifts in thinking at the societal level - if those ideas are of sufficient profundity. It's becoming clear that the collective of modern scientific thinkers who believe science has no tools to inform morality are in need of their own Reformation, and Sam Harris might just be the next Martin Luther.

    In 'The Moral Landscape', Harris does the hard work for the reader; he reasons through his assertions with such rigor that he presents every objection you could think of, and four more that you didn't, and addresses them alongside each point he makes along the way. Without fail, counter-arguments are handily dispatched. His points are underscored by fact-based evidence in clear and concise language, such that even if the reader disregards any emotional pressure that may come through Harris' words... if they honestly allow facts to stand as facts, there is no way not to agree with his conclusions.

    As profound as his aims appear to be, in truth Harris only sets his sights on proving to the masses that the quality of moral positions can be measured. He's not writing the prescription for the ideal way to live (though he will argue that such a way or equivalent selection of ways exist and are yet to be discovered), he's aiming to give us a toolbox by which we might start uncovering what those ideal ways are.

    Especially in this day of unparalleled ease of communication and access to information, this book deserves to spark a revolution.
  • Buick 274 - Like no other live performance that I've seen and I've seen plentyI've never written a review in my 48 year life about any "Live" performance but I feel strongly about giving recognition to this Stellar performance (Phoenix 2011). On all levels their performance was spectacular, even if you haven't been a huge "Fan" of Sade in the past, I think anyone that has the opportunity to view this show (DVD) will walk away with a new appreciation for not only Sade but for her extremely talented Cast of bandmembers. They surely appear to really like each other and richly compliment the whole performance both individually and as a group. I have been to more concerts than most and I can honestly say that this show was at or very near to the top for both my Wife and for myself, DON'T MISS IT!.